www.usps.com/orderfreeboxes – order your free USPS shipping boxes to save money on this holiday season

Holidays can be expensive because you want to send some gifts to your friends and families and sometimes it becomes a little painful also when you just cannot find the right packing box that would be required for the item that you want to send. Thanks to the United States Postal service (USPS). USPS can help you ease your pain by providing some free shipping boxes (USPS free boxes). So, this holiday season, if you want to save a little money, immediately go to the ordering center and start filling that virtual shopping cart that will provide you USPS shipping boxes right at your doorstep completely free of cost.

USPS free boxes – available sample:

  • Priority mail flat rate box (size – 8-11/16 in x 5-7/16 in x 1-3/4 in)
  • Priority mail regional rate box B1 (size – 11 in x 8-1/2 in x 5-1/2 in)
  • Priority mail large flat rate box (size – 24-1/16 in x 11-7/8 in x 3-1/8 in)
  • Priority Mail Express padded flat rate envelope (size – 9-1/2 in x 12-1/2 in)
  • Priority mail MILIPAC envelope (size – 11-5/8 in x 15-1/8 in)
  • Priority mail medium flat rate box (size – 11 in x 8-1/2 in x 5-1/2 in)
  • Priority Mail Express medium tube (size – 37-11/16 in x 6-1/8 in x 5-1/8 in x 5-1/16 in)
  • Priority mail shoebox (size – 7-1/2 in x 5-1/8 in x 14-3/8 in)
  • Priority mail DVD box (size – 7-9/16 in x 5-7/16 in x 5/8 in)

USPS Shipping Shops

USPS free boxes quick notes:

  • The boxes you order for shipping your items in this holiday season is absolutely free.
  • In addition to mailing boxes, you can also order free shipping labels. (USPS tracking smart label 400)
  • There is a limit on how many boxes you can order for free. To check how many quantities you are allowed to order for free, select an item and add it to your cart. Then at checkout, choose the quantity and you will be displayed that the minimum quantities and the maximum quantities that you are allowed to order for free.

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USPS customer service:

  • If you are having a problem finding out what you need, you can try the FAQ section of USPS. (help link at the top of the page)
  • Even if you cannot find your solution there, you can call USPS customer service by dialing 800-275-8777 (8 AM and 8:30 PM EST, Monday to Friday; 8 AM and 6 PM EST on Saturday)




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